Gedanken zur Zukunft des PSTN, der Telefonnummer und Voice calls

Ein paar gute Gedankengänge in Dean Bubleys Blog: Essential reading for ITU World attendees: Ubiquity is EARNED not ASSUMED

Da stimme ich voll und ganz zu. Das kann man immer wieder beobachten, wenn man klassische „Telefonnetzanhänger“ trifft:

I’ve identified three important implicit assumptions that don’t bear scrutiny:

  1. The assumption that the phone call – and phone number – will remain our primary – and ubiquitous – means of communication in the future.
  2. That IP-based versions of those services (generally IMS-based) are somehow “entitled” to ride on the coat-tails of their ubiquitous circuit-based predecessors, and will also inevitably become ubiquitous.
  3. That the classical model of each telecom company owning its own (commodity) switches and applications, and interoperating/federating them, will remain central in future

und ganz wichtig – wird aber wohl noch etwas brauchen, bis es sich durchsetzt – (*sigh*):

„…start thinking about decoupling emergency comms from the telephone network…“

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