Workshop on Selected Items on Telecommunication Quality Matters

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The main objectives of the Workshop  (27. – 28. November 2012) are to:

  • Discuss hot issues from a terminal quality perspective
  • Discuss different perspectives of Quality of Experience including voice services
  • Discuss several issues related to transmission planning
  • Present information about future conferencing systems, end-to-end architecture for improvements in QoS
  • Exchange information and establish relationships between research, state and industrial organizations involved in the topic
  • Discuss the concepts of ‚net neutrality‘ & ‘differentiated traffic management‘ and their potential impact on QoS as perceived by the user

Hier ist die Agenda: pdf       Update: Hier gibt es alles zum Download.

Interessant werden vor allen Dingen die Gedanken zur end-to-end architecture für QoS/QoE sein, insbesondere wie man sich Transmission Planning in packetvermittelnden Netzen vorstellt. Man sollte ja eigentlich annehmen, dass man von dem Konzept der alten Übertragungspläne basierend auf Circuits Abstand nimmt. Mal sehen 😉

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