Studie: Traffic-Limits dienen nicht der Bekämpfung von Network Congestion

Die New America Foundation hat eine Studie veröffentlicht, die belegt, dass Traffic-Limits zur Gewinnsteigerung eingesetzt werden und nicht zur Bekämpfung von Network Congestion:  Capping the Nation’s Broadband Future?

The main challenge for network engineers is how to deal with demand during peak hours. The critical factor is the time of day when an individual uses data, not an individual’s aggregate data consumption over the course of a month. Even major
ISPs have acknowledged this:
In a disclosure document required by the FCC, Comcast admitted that data caps “do not address the issue of network congestion, which results from traffic levels that vary from minute to minute.

The price of service is often cited as a justification for data caps. However, declines in network equipment costs and costs to move data, including IP transit, mean that ISPs are now spending less while profiting from more customers.

Die vollständige Studie als pdf und als zweiseitiges Fact Sheet.

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