Alcatel-Lucent: TWDM-PON


Industry’s first commercial TWDM-PON solution can converge residential, business and mobile traffic onto one network, create new revenue opportunities and meet rising demand for ultra-broadband. TWDM-PON technology has been selected as the successor to current GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) technologies for implementing NG2-PON.

  • Tutorial: Next Generation Optical Access Technologies (pdf)
  • Ovum White Paper: TWDM PON Is at the Horizon (pdf)
  • Wavelength Switched Hybrid TDMA/WDM (TWDM) PON: a Flexible Next-Generation Optical Access Solution (pdf)
  • Trade-off between End-to-End Reliable and Cost-Effective TDMA/WDM Passive Optical Networks (pdf)

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